Selling & Consigning


We love clean and folded or hung clothing. We prefer tubs, shopping bags or bins however - trash bags are fine as long as items are clean and the bag has not been sitting long in a attic or garage.

We are looking for items that are new or in very good condition. We accept clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, beauty items. Anything a woman would want, We will probably take it if it fits in the shop!

We take in current trends and vintage items.

We may not accept your items. Sometimes as hard as it is, we have to pass.

Sometimes we have have that same style dress, or that color and size in the back overstocked. Our inventory and customer wants change often so there are times we are looking for things specifically.\

How will you pay me?

We offer different types of payouts.


We offer a Buy-Outright option:

This option is where we pay out between 15%-50% of the selling price of the item(s) we choose to take. You will receive a check on the spot for your items.


We offer a Store Credit Option:

This option gives you a little bit more money than the buy-outright option. You will receive an offer and that offer can be used towards any in-store purchase(s). Credits do not have to be used in the same day and are valid for up to 6 months.


We offer a Consignment Option:

For some items, we offer consignment. Consignment is when we sell the item(s) for you and give you a percentage of the profit. Consignment terms can vary, however a 50/50 split of the selling price is typical. Designer items can provide a larger split for the consignor depending on the item’s price point. We typically offer a 90-day consignment duration, and payouts are given after the item sells.